Are you a creative person and thinking about starting a business involving creativity ? Are you searching a lot, but not finding any startup with less investment and more profit ? Are you searching on how you can go ahead by using your creative skills ?

Don’t be worried when I am here to help you !

You would be flabbergasted to know that there are innumerable business ideas  which start from no or low investment and enhance your economic benefit more than what you are having now. This article will give you the description of such 50 ideas which require nothing more than your creative skills, learning ability, passion and most important your hands. These ideas come under handicrafts items business which needs only simple tools along with your presence of mind.

Handicraft item’s business ideas are giving employment to most of the unemployed people and can involve your family members too only if they also want to join you. This is one of the most intriguing factor of this segment due to which maximum people have opted it.

Moreover, these ideas need your skills only which if you don’t have, you can learn by doing practice as what a general maxim says “Practice makes a man perfect.”

Everyone in the market needs art & craft items to decor their home like a heaven. This has particularly been the reason why maximum people have left their jobs in the last 5 years and have jumped into the ocean of Art & Craft business segment.

I hope this article would give you new dimension of working and you would be able to start your own Art & Craft business.

So let’s start reading from here, a few tips that can help you grow handicrafts items business online in jaipur….


If your heart loves doing gardening, you can give a push to your life with this startup. Bonsai is a Japanese term which simply represents a plant potted in a container, so we can say Bonsai is a ‘Show Plant.’ It requires small steps to be done like Removal of the plant from its container, preparation of a root ball, then putting this root ball in an another small container after removal of the dead branches and long roots, then addition of some soil around it with fertilisers mixed into it, then water it well. After a few days your plant will be ready which you can now sell offline or online. It’s cost is equal to no cost and can give you huge economic profit. Start it from your home, and then, take it at E-Commerce platform to accelerate it.

“Unique ideas always give you unique success”


This type of business is also a revenue generating business and can be started from a very low investment. It uses cow horns, buffalo horns and bones of different species of birds and animals. These bones give rise to a number of  beautiful artificial items like, Jewellery, Necklace, Bangles, Combs, Hairpins and Decorative figures etc. As it needs skilled craftsmen to mould bones and horns into the extremely beautiful products, so first of all try to learn this art, and then, dive into this business. Demands of these items is very high, so it could be an another great option to you.

“When you think different, you get the distinct results”


This is one of the most demanding and small investment startup. You can start weaving baskets at your home by using fibrous and pliable material like straw, willow, oak, stems, animal hair, wooden splints, twigs, grasses, bamboo or some other plastic or synthetic material. These baskets are generally used to give as a gift on different occasions. These baskets always remain in demand. You can start this business from your own home and can promote it among your people. Moreover, registering your products at some E-Commerce platform can get you huge benefits.

“Diving completely into a business, can give you more than what you are expecting”


Brassware is a word basically used for the handicrafts made up of Brass which is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. This is also a small investment profitable art and craft business which needs only perfect skills and some basic tools which will be required to process the raw material into the final products. This is a also a beneficial category of startup which you can start with a limited team of workers.

“Believe in yourself, as it the only key to unlock the success”


Calligraphy is an art which is totally related to writing. It actually means writing a single word in as many styles as possible. In more technical terms it is actually ‘designing of words by utilising your intellectual skills.’ It needs nothing more than a paper or a pen or a brush. This practice has  demand in writing wedding invitations, event invitations, original hand logo designs, cut stone inscriptions, memorable documents. Calligraphy is an special art and is also used in moving images for films, television, for testimonials etc. You can also go through a short search on the companies which require Calligraphy writers.

“Passion makes everything possible”


The word ‘Caricature’ is actually a noun which has come from the Italian word Caricare which means ‘to load’ or ‘to charge.’ A Caricature is actually a form of sketch of any person in the exaggerated manner or by distorting his physical appearance to make it appear more humorous. Caricatures are generally used in political industry where everyone minister is having their own caricature artist. But, nowadays advertisement industry is also having a great demand of caricaturing artists where you can earn a good amount.

“Challenges never make you go down, in fact, they make you stand up again with more confidence”


If you have sufficient stuff to invest, you can open a CRAFT SUPPLY STORE which is undoubtedly a profitable opinion as craftsperson visits stationary shop to purchase the items related to craft, but they too don’t keep every item. In every single home god has gifted atleast one artist, but they don’t find craft stores nearby them. Artists are huge in numbers and craft supply stores are very few which makes the demand of craft supply stores go high. So, opening a craft supply store will not be risky thing, in fact it will give you a huge business to run and grow.

“Don’t consider yourself a small one if you are selling needles, because every business can make you a million dollar man if you are trying your best to make it run”


Crochet is actually a handicraft practice by using which you can knit variety of needy things with the help of a yarn and a crochet hook. You can also use this practice by using fabric, wire or other extra flexible and foldable & thin material. Crochet art is used to produce variety of useful products like baby blankets, shawls, sweaters, hats, carves, baby booties, purses etc. It needs nothing more than your fine skills and a few handful things. You can also hire a team of people who can do it for you, this would help in accelerating your business.

“Believe in your skills, they will give you everything”


This business is one of the best types of small & profitable business which only needs your extra fine skills of decorating a place by using flowers which undoubtedly is a great art.  If you love flowers and you know how you can spruce-up a place with the help of flowers, you can see your better future in this line. Moreover, you can hire someone under you or can hire a team of skilled people to work under you. Florists have a pivotal role in wedding decoration, kitty parties, Birthday celebration, ring ceremonies etc.

“Every business running successfully today was just a startup yesterday”


If you are a classic artist and have an interest in designing greeting cards, then this could be a great business deal for you. Business of greeting cards is a forever business which can never come to a halt. Just put your all creativity in designing greeting cards & prepare them as much beautifully as much you can, because India is a land of festivals and occasions, where people exchange love through greeting cards. So, with a little passion and interest you can start this low investment business.

“Positive thinking can take your business at the next level of recognition”


Bookbinding business is a kind of business which needs nothing apart from some tools and your classic skills. It is completely an skilled practice, if you don’t know this art, you can learn it from any bookbinder nearby you. Once you learn it, you can start it from your own home which will give you more profit than opening a shop. If they are free, you can also involve your family members to enhance the earning. More books in a single day means more profit in a single day. If you are having a huge stock of books to bind, you can hire a team of bookbinders which can take your business at the next level of economic growth. So, this option is also good to start as a small startup.

“Every business needs reverence to get success”


Candle making business is one of the most demanding business since ancient times. Candle making needs your fine skills and a few handful items to start with like paraffin, gel, sol and beeswax, wicks, jars, oils for adding some fragrance, colouring agents and some utensils of your kitchen. If you know how to prepare candle, it is very easy for you to utilise your skills in enhancing this business, and then, sell your candles directly to some customers nearby you or you can contact to some E-Commerce platform too to sell candles in bulk.

“Try to accomplish your dreams, because you don’t have a second option”


This is again an another good option to start a small startup. This business can be done from your home which requires only a computer to work on some softwares, knowledge of designing and a printing machine. Now, if you have to develop it on a very large scale, then develop a team of people to develop the customised mobile covers for you. Once you have sufficient covers ready, you can talk to any E-Commerce platform to see your products. From there you can get the huge potential. Moreover, you can also promote your work in your proximity to get some direct customers. In both the ways you can proceed, which will give you longtime profit.

“Proving yourself could be difficult, but not impossible”


Embroidery is an art of embellishing a fabric by using a needle or thread or yarn. You can also use materials such as sequins, beads, pearls etc to decorate a fabric in a more attractive way, it all depends on your customer what exactly he/she wants. Embroidery can be done on coats, blankets, sarees, dresses, denims etc. according to the demand of the customer. You just have to learn this practice and the way people use it to do. It is also an skilled art which needs your complete attention, but once you become master in it, you can work a lot. You can also hire a team of people who will do it for you in a bulk, and then, you can sell your products at some E-Commerce platform.

“Why can not you do, when others have already proved themselves”


Lamp shade making is completely an art based business, if you are artistic by nature and if you know how to use your artistic skills, you can dive into it with all your creative skills. Lamp shade making needs a perfect knowledge on what should be the inner lining material and what should be the outer fabric to make a successful and a beautiful table lamp. With a few necessary items and your own team of workers you can start this small startup from your own home and can contact to any E-Commerce platform to promote it online too. Lamp shades are easy to make and give you high cost. With moderate amount of investment this business is also a business which can take you at a great height in business industry.

“When you think to become something, you go above your imagination”


Mobile art gallery business is a type of business which needs sufficient funds to purchase a car or a mini van or an open truck to display all the artworks and you need to contact to a number of artists to display as much number of artworks as much possible. Once you do this, you are set to fly in this business. It’s a good revenue generating business. Moreover you can also display your artworks at some E-Commerce platform. This way you will be able to do your business through both the platforms offline as well as online.

“Every businessman was nothing before he actually started”


Bamboo and variety of canes are light weight items and are used in manufacturing and producing a number of incredibly beautiful items like lamp shades, trays, baskets, jewellery bags, hand bags etc. These items are easy to maintain and adds an incredible impression to the interior. You can hire a team of such workers and can start your own business. In this business visibility is importance, people themselves will come to you if they are watching your workers manufacturing the useful products from bamboo and canes. Moreover contacting an E-Commerce platform is also an another good option to give a push to your business.

“If you can think, you can do”


There are a number of people who want to have cactus plants in their home, but they visit nursery to purchase them. For such people you can start this business. You just have to go to nursery, have to busy some cactus plants and pots, then you have to grow them in the pot with some fertilisers. Once the plant grows in the pot, it is ready to sell. Now you can display these cactus plants at a place where people can see it from distance so that they can come directly to you. Moreover, E-Commerce platform is the best option to display all your plants to give a fly to your business.

“Let’s start today, to tell your own story of success tomorrow”


Christmas is one of the beautiful festivals which is celebrated at a large scale throughout the world and India too is the place where Christmas celebration catches a vertical height, every year. It is a moderate investment business which only needs the decorating materials utilising which you can decor the place. You can open a shop from where you can start your business, or you can start this business from your own home too by making aware as much people as much you can.

“Achieving success as a businessman doesn’t need a high investment, it only needs a fertile mind”


This one business is a type of business where you need just a few items to start with and contacts of the dealers who can buy these T-shirts from you. These days hand painted T-shirts are high in demand and suits on every personality. To start this startup you just need a plain T-shirt, some acrylic paint, a printer, a computer, sharp paper knives, a piece of cardboard & Iron. Once ready with these stuffs, you can sell these T-shirts to any dealer or can contact to any E-Commerce platform to display. This is a low investment startup and can give you high economic growth.

“If you start today, you too will become an inspiration tomorrow”


Fashion is changing everyday and with the trend of changing fashion same attires are being stitched in a new style which gives a new look to the old styled cloth. Designer blouse is an example of such work. These days Designer blouses are in high demand and no one wants to wear those old styled simple blouses as these designer blouses look impressive and fascinatingly attractive. Moreover, you can wear these blouses with Lehenga, shorts, saree, skirts etc. This is again a very low cost or no cost business which you can start from your home by hiring few ladies. You just have to work on the sale part.

“A businessman is a businessman, if he actually thinks like a businessman”


Sculptures are having their own beautiful existence and plays a pivotal role in amplifying the beauty of a home. Though variety of metal sculptures and alloy sculptures can be made, but iron sculptures have their own customers, standing somewhere these sculptures look awesome. These sculptures leave a remarkable impression with their beauteous effect. You just have to learn this art and have to purchase some tools to prepare the sculptures. With a moderate investment you can start this business and can get a right amount if you take this business to some E-Commerce platform.

“Even a small capital can give you a huge profit, it only depends on how you use it”


Embellishing the walls of a home or an office through portraits is in the trend since long times, it was never out of the trend and so its demand. people use charcoal portraits to spruce-up their home, these portraits mesmerising and leave indelible impression on the surroundings. If you are a sketch artist, then you can opt it as a business or you can hire some artists to develop this segment as your business. By using varieties of charcoal like Vine charcoal, Compressed charcoal, White charcoal, Blending stump you can make your designs awesome and can add attraction to your sketch. This is no cost business and you can start from just a piece of paper and charcoal pencils. Once you complete some designs, you can display these designs at some E-Commerce platforms to enhance your business.

“If your mind is indicating to start a business, it means, it is aware of your hidden potential”


Jute bags are nature friendly and that’s the reason why jute bags are highly demanding. People have left using plastics and they have opted using jute bags to reduce pollution. If you start this business, you are not going to be in the risk at all, instead you can sell it offline and online and in both the ways you can generate a good income as income is directly proportional to demand, If demand is high income will be high.

“Instead of money, Some business ideas need only the investment of mind”


Opening a dance school is also a good business option. If you are a good dancer and you also have good teaching skills, then by utilising both the skills you can start your dance school. Dance is one of the best exercises and since last few years learning dance has become a practice for Ring ceremonies, Haldi functions, Wedding ceremonies, Garba festival etc. People are crazy to learn variety of dance styles. So, you can also start this business from your own-self or if you have funds you can hire a dance  teacher and can open your own dance school with two or three branches at different locations of a city.

“Your art is your real capital, invest it in the right direction”


If you are searching for some low investment business, you can go for Designer Bindi Making. This one business has a vast expansion, if you understand its worth. If you consider it worthwhile it can make you a successful businessman as every women of our country use bindi on her forehead as a sign of our Indian culture. It all depends on how beautiful your designer bindi is and how much circulation of your product is there. Start this business with your own team and make contacts as wider as you can to spread your business. You can also contact to E-Commerce platforms to promote your business.

“Every business looks small, until it catches a certain height’


If you love plants and you care about them, then what are you waiting for as nothing could be a great idea instead of opening a Nursery Designing or lawn care business. What you need is just a good knowledge of plants and some good relations and you are all set to fly. Instead of finding only outside, these days you can find the plants inside of homes too. People like to display plants in offices too and this has become a trend now. So, this business can give you a profit far beyond the imagination. With the help of E-Commerce platform you can expand your business on online platforms too. 

“Accepting a challenge means, rising above all”


When everyone is doing it why are you lagging behind. If you have some good contacts you just have to start your own online store. Everyone is doing only through Facebook and Instagram, but you can either start from you own E-Commerce store or can display all the available varieties of fabrics at some other E-Commerce platform which will reduce the cost of investment and will give you more benefit. You just need to do a little research on the factories from where you will purchase the clothes or the dealers who will provide you clothes at cheap rates. This business can give you more than what you are expecting. So, starting online fabric business is also going to be a great option for you.

“Taking initiative is always difficult in a business, but it gives you the first ladder to walk on the path of your success”


If you are creative, like to work on the softwares to edit photos and resize them, then business of preparing photo frames is also not a bad option. This business requires a computer, a printer and a set up of colour printing machine. You can start this business from your own home. A little promotion of your work and place can give a initial kick to your business. Once people know about you, they will automatically come to you as this business will never run out of the market and everyone wants to have photo frames to hang on the walls of their home. Moreover, you can also take this business online by uploading your designs there on some E-Commerce platform.

“Your efforts never go in vain”


There was a time when people would see photographers in marriages only, but invention of smartphone has given camera in every hand and now the generation is utilising the skills from their own smartphones even. But, you can buy a digital camera and can start your photography by opening a photo studio. You can promote your photography business through social platforms too, but opening a photo studio will give you a number of customers to crack the deals. You can offer your services for Birthday celebrations , Ring Ceremonies, Wedding ceremonies etc.

“Believing in your own self is the first thing one must do to become a successful businessman”


These days customised mugs have their own importance and people generally use these mugs in giving as a gift on Birthday Occasions. You can print name or picture of the person whom you want to give it as a gift. These mugs look very impressive in comparison to normal mugs and are actually in high demand. Moreover, you can charge your own cost in this business. This business needs only computer, a printer and your skills to work on softwares. Once you complete the requirement, you are all set to fly high in this segment from your own home. Try to prepare some samples first to show them to the customers and you can also display your designs on any E-Commerce platform. This way you can promote your business through offline medium as well as through online medium.

“Every business tycoon was just a normal person before he turned into a personality”


Leather Handicrafts are very famous due to the impressive look they leave on one’s eyes and their long-lasting nature. This is a very low cost business in which you have to purchase only the raw material and tools to process the raw material into the final products. Once you fulfil the initial requirement of the business you can start this startup of manufacturing the leather handicrafts. There are varieties of utilitarian items which you can make by using leather like pouches, bags, shoes, wallets, belts, jackets, lamp shades, etc. You can promote this business through offline and online too. This would be a very good decision as demand of leather handicrafts is rising everyday.

“Becoming a businessman could be a little difficult, but not Impossible”


Special artistic skills and perfection along with some basic tools is the requirement of this business. If you do not have such skills, either you can learn these skills or you can hire a few people with such fine skills to work under you. Creating some samples will help you to attract the customers and you would be able to display your samples on some E-Commerce platforms too. These days it is necessary to promote your business through online platform too to attract the potential through wide promotion. Woodwork enhances the look of the simple wood and everyone wants to have it to make their wood items look impressively beautiful. Working with passion can give you a good start. Just work on it, if you have moderate amount to invest in the right direction.

“Don’t loose until you win, once you win you will try hard to not loose”


Those who keep wine at their home always have wine stand to place wine on it. You also find these wine stands in pubs, bars, quality restaurants and hotel restaurants. Manufacturing wine stand business is a huge profit business which needs a moderate investment. These wine stands come in varieties of sizes and shapes and you can manufacture all types of wine stands to have a collection before you go in the market to promote your work. These wine stands can be made of wood , aluminium iron or of other materials too. You can promote your business through any shop or through some E-Commerce platform so that you can earn profit from both the platforms.

“You can win, if you can think”


Woollen clothes knitting business is a low cost business as you just have to purchase the raw material from the market and you can contact to any NGO giving shelter to unemployed females. You can give them raw material to knit woollen clothes and can give the price according to your deal. Expansion in this manner would give you a huge profit in a less time, Moreover you would be doing great for the employed people. Once you are having products ready, you can make your woollen clothes visible through an exhibition or through any E-Commerce platform which will surely expand your business in a certain manner. This business can give you a huge profit in a less time.

“Every business seems difficult, until it catches a flow”


If you know how to make wall hangings, you can start this practice as a startup by making wall hangings alone, otherwise you can hire some workers if you want to start this business at some big scale. These days people are crazy to decor their home more than what they had and everyone wants to add some additional grace to their interior. People use wall hangings to add charm to the walls of their rooms and to embellish the interior of the home. There are various forms of wall hangings out of which tapestries wall hangings are more famous and are considered to be the oldest form of wall hangings. If you start this business you can earn a good profit as people are investing huge amount in home decor.

“Why to wait, when we are getting late”


Every people use wind chimes to hang in their balcony or at open places or inside of the room because their sound gives relief to the ears and generate a sense of positivity. You just need some raw materials to prepare beautiful wind chimes and you can start making these wind chimes from your own home. It is very easy to make wind chimes, also it is easy to sell these wind chimes.  You can make your samples ready and can start selling from  the home by making the people aware about your business. If you want to expand your business you can expand it by displaying your wind chimes at some E-Commerce platform which will turn everything at a very huge scale.

“The best trial is going to give you the best of what you desire”


When the level of home decor has gone very high, no one wants to do experiment with anything that doesn’t match to their home’s interior. Designer Pillows look attractive and adds a charming flavour to your bed sheet. Your room speaks through the accessories it has and it is one of those pretty beautiful accessories which these days is high in demand. Time has gone when people wanted to buy normal pillows, now they want to match their standard with the era’s demand. So, you can start the business of making designer pillows at a very low cost and can make it go high with your outstanding designs and creativity.

“Thinking big costs nothing”


Making different types of potteries and then selling these potteries in the market can be a good startup for you as a businessman. This business is a low cost business in which you just have to purchase some tools required to mould clay in a perfect shape. Clay can be of three types earthenware, stoneware and porcelain and each type of clay is utilised in the manufacturing of various kind of potteries. You can start this business from your own home, and then, you can take this business online too by registering your products at some E-Commerce platform.

“Starting a business is very easy in comparison to landing on moon”


Bag making is an art and you can start this business from your home. You just need to find out a dealer to purchase the raw material. Once you find a dealer, you can start manufacturing leather bags at your home and can  make them marvellously attractive. If they say yes, you can involve your family members in this business or if you really want to start it at some large scale you can hire some workers which would be a great thing for your business. Moreover, you can display these bags on E-Commerce platform too to give a flow to your business.

“Who says that you can’t become a businessman, when a human can make re-usable rockets”


If I talk about leather belt making, then it is also a beautiful business. It needs nothing more than a few tools and leather. If you don’t know this art, you can learn it and can start this business from your own home. Boys and girls of this generation change belts frequently and every buddy of this generation keeps a collection of belts. So, making belts can be a great start for you and you can make belts of every shape and size to make your customers happy and connected.

“If you think that you have a second chance, you will never win in the first attempt”


Dokra is an ancient practice of casting of non-ferrous metals like hollow brass objects by lost wax process to make enchanting and fascinating objects. In this practice Brass scrap is mostly used as a raw material. By utilising this art you can make anything from jewellery to vessels, images of gods, birds, animals etc. If you don’t know this skill, you can learn it by practice and can start this business from your own home and by selling these ones at right places you can earn handsome money. Today everyone is doing business offline as well as online as online has its own other benefits. So, you can also go for online platform to give a push to what you are doing.

“It is only a hope of winning in the end, which gives you strength to start”


Wooden Chair manufacturing business is a very demanding business as wooden chairs look mesmerisingly beautiful and give a glow to home’s interior. This business is a moderate investment business which can be started from your own home with some raw material. Raw material which you need includes various types of wood along with some basic tools to cut the wood. You can start it with only a few pieces, once demand becomes high you can hire some workers and can go with the flow. If you know the art of making beautiful chairs, this business is for you. Promote it offline and on online platforms too and see the height you will gradually achieve.

“Just love your passion and dive into your business, One day you will find everything, changed”


This business is also a profit generating business which you can start from from your own home. If you have sufficient funds you can open a shop too and can start manufacturing glass handicrafts. With some machines, tools and raw material you can manufacture many creative craft items like lampshade, candle holder, flower vase, mirror etc. Every item made from glass has a unique demand and people want these items to add a unique charm to their place of residence and work. By taking your business at some huge online store, you can accelerate your business.

“Winning is not a big thing, if you are determined enough to win”


Mirror is a need of every home and every office where one can easily find a number of mirrors, instead of just one mirror. Time of mirror manufacturing business will never run out as it is the basic need of every home. As it always remains in demand, you can start this business from your home and generate profit by promoting it offline as well as online.

“Life will give you everything, If you are serious to achieve it”


Today business of customised T-Shirts is also running well and these T-Shirts are generally used in stage shows, birthday parties, planned meetings etc. People give bulk orders to customise the T-shirts with their own logos or brand names. Moreover, it has become a trend of wearing these T-shirts as these T-shirts can be customised according to the requirement of the people or need. To start this business you just need a computer and skills of working on softwares, a printing machine and Plain T-shirts in variety of fabrics.

“Who knows if your business is going to give you million dollars, have some patience and keep on walking”


Making Bean Bags is a very easy. You can start this business with a moderate investment in which you just have to purchase the raw material like beans and leather or clothes to make the bean bags ready. You can start this business in the form of a startup and can have a large number of workers to make the orders ready. There are many types of beans out of which (EPS) Expanded polystyrene is considered the best as it is 98 percent air and is lightweight. Moreover, you can also go for EPP Expanded polypropylene, compressed foam and micro-beads etc. once you are ready with your attractive bean bags of various sizes, you can start marketing of these bags through offline and online portals.

“Try not to loose, because success is all yours”


Do you know how to stitch the blankets, if not, then there is no need to  be worried at all. Because, learning how to stitch blankets is very easy. This is really a very huge earning business in the winter season and it can get you a huge profit. With a moderate investment and with the help of some workers you can start this business from your own home. You can start this business offline and can promote it online too by contacting any E-Commerce platform.

“Until you start, you are just one step back from your success”


If you are searching something with low investment, then cushion making business is one of them. Because, it only needs raw materials like upholstery foam, serrated knife or clothes like linen or cotton which gives much comfortability in comparison to other variety of fabrics. Once you have the raw materials, you can start making cushions by sitting in your own and can involve your family members too. You can take this startup at some great height with some workers. Display is always necessary to push a business, so try to contact some online platforms to make your product  more visible.

“Determination is important to achieve the greatest height of success”


Home decor has changed everything, even the style of interior too. In the last few years the business of home decor has caught a drastic height and  curtains too comes under this segment. Curtains give a mesmerising look to the overall look of the interior and amplify the beauty of the home ten times more than the previous look. You can start curtain making business from your home. Nowadays people are considering it the most unique and important item of the home decor, so starting this business can be much beneficial to you. It is a moderate investment business and needs only different type of fabrics, a sewing machine and a shop to display the curtains. You can also take the help of E-Commerce platform if you really want to promote this business at some big level.

“A business man can never fail, if he really wants to win”

I think this article would help you lot in finding a type of business suitable for you. Moreover, I would like to suggest you to start your online business with which is doing great in Jaipur and is know n to keep its vendors and customers happy. is the only platform so far which is trying to maintain harmony with the vendors as well as with the customers which is really a thing no one is maintaining. So, it is my suggestion to go with it as I have suggested many and everyone whomever I suggested are happily earning a handsome amount.